6.84 Hero and Item impressions by Dendi

Posted on 16 Jun 2015


So far it seems like heroes who are very dominant laners but also very good at 5-man Dota will be the stars of the show. Kill potential early on is important because kills are very rewarding and can allow your team to snowball. Moreover, item-dependent supports are likely to be very good because of the kill gold redistribution (20% more for the low net-worth heroes). Pushers are also back into the game since it is easier to take objectives and potentially taking an early Rax is totally game breaking.


Gyro GuideHe has tremendous laning potential – even after the slight damage nerf to Rocket Barrage on low levels he still has very good harass and kill potential. He is also a magnificent carry for 5-man strats because of his team fight potential (AoE physical and magic damage). This certainly makes him one of the best carries for the current meta.


Visage GuideA very powerful laner with lots of kill potential. Extremely good pusher. Scales really well with items and now can find them faster because of the kill bounty boost. Moreover, his Familiars are no longer countered by hard-hitting ranged carries. Without doubt Visage is one of the best supports for 6.84. His synergy with Drow was a bit nerfed in 6.84, but this doesn’t diminish the potential of the hero on his own.


Beastmaster GuideHe received some minor buffs to his damage and Boars, which make him quite a strong laner. He is great at finding kills with his ultimate and later on at initiating favorable fights (partly because of the vision from Hawk, partly because of Roar). His aura gives more value if your team intends to group together, and last but not least Necro Book lvl 1 and 2 has been buffed, complementing his aura and making BM an even stronger pusher. All of this might mean that BM is one of the strongest farming utility heroes for this meta.

Shadow Fiend

Shadow Fiend GuideHe was a big part of 6.63 and remains popular in 6.64. He fits the meta quite well – SF is a lane dominator that has his place in a 5-man strategy. In fact, in 6.84 Mek became an even more popular item choice on the hero, showing that teams use him mainly in 5-man strats. In that sense he receives a slight nerf along with the Mek nerf in 6.64c, but is unlikely to sharply drop in popularity because he is flexible in terms of item builds and play styles.

Queen of Pain

Queen of Pain GuideOne of the strongest laners in the game and a great hero for rotations in the early game. QoP is a hero that can very easily snowball out of kills, which is a great quality to have in 6.84. This has slightly been nerfed in 6.84c, but she is unlikely to be affected too much by those changes: First, QoP is an efficient roamer - Blink makes her very mobile. Consequently she doesn’t waste a lot of time (and doesn’t lose a lot of XP and Gold) even if her rotations are unsuccessful. Second, she is very good at solo kills - the slight nerf to AoE gold isn’t a big deal for her. Last but not least, her ultimate that deals AoE pure damage makes her a great nuker in team fights, which means she fits the 5-man meta even better.


Earthshaker GuideCurrently he is the third most picked hero for the new version (behind Gyro and SF). One of his main problems in the old versions was that he had trouble finding the resources to get his Blink Dagger in time when played as a support. Now kills give more resources and low net worth heroes get up to 20% bonus, which means that the fact that he farms slowly isn’t as relevant anymore. Since he was quite popular before, now it is logical that he grows even more in popularity. In the early game he gives kill potential, and after he gets his Dagger he could totally dominate mid and late game fights.


Leshrac GuideStrong laner with kill potential, powerful pusher, dominant 5-man carry/semi-carry. He’s main weakness is BKB, but if you intend to win early it doesn’t matter that much.

Besides those few heroes that seem to shine, there are others that currently very feel strong.


DK - Buffed during the laning stage, very good front line hero for 5-man strats;

Pugna – Decently strong laner, very powerful pusher and the Pugna Ward makes him good in 5-man clashes;

Aura Strats:

If you want to 5-man from very early, stacking auras seems like a great idea once again. Chen and Ench creeps, Rubic’s aura, BM’s aura, SF’s, Luna’s, Drow’s and Venge’s all seem powerful. Moreover, building Vladmir’s Offering is even better now because of the ranged life steal aura.


Some thoughts on which items shine in terms of versatility and value for money.

Glimmer Cape

Glimmer Cape GuideThis item seems to be the star of 6.84 because of the high utility it gives for its very low price.

1. The invisibility is very valuable for initiating and disengaging. Even if it gets countered by wards/dust, you are efficiently making the enemy team buy those consumables by investing into an extremely cheap item.

2. It is a great item for saving an ally that is getting focused – even if the enemy team sees the hero with detection, the 55% magic resistance buff remains. Added to the default 25%, suddenly any hero on your team becomes a low HP Huskar (!) and finishing the hero off with nukes becomes extremely hard.

3. The item is cheap and gives decent stats, which means a lot of heroes could buy it during different stages of the game. The mana cost is a deterrent for low INT heroes, but most utility heroes in the game wouldn’t have a problem with it.

Solar Crest

Solar Crest GuideThis is another item, which seems powerful because of its usefulness in diverse situations. Giving bonus armor and 30% evasion to a hero that is getting focused might help him/her survive for a lot longer and turn the fight. Even though a bit more expensive than Glimmer Cape, it is very convenient to build especially for heroes that can make use of Medallion.

Silver Edge

Silver Edge GuideThe break aspect of the item is what is interesting. It is not as versatile as Glimmer Cape or Solar Crest, but it could destroy the impact of some heroes that rely on their passives (PA, Bristleback, AM, etc.). This makes it extremely powerful in certain situations as it is the only item in the game with break. Building Silver Edge is not as easy as the previous two, but it gives very good stats and utility for most STR and AGI carries.

Lotus Orb

Lotus Orb GuideThe active of the skill is very powerful. Not only because of the spell mirror - the dispel aspect is extremely valuable. It allows you to help your allies that are getting focused and controlled in fights and it is the only item with such a mechanic. The problem for Lotus Orb are the stats – it is not as easy and natural to build as Glimmer Cape and Solar Crest and because of this would most likely get picked up only in the mid and late game by utility heroes that can afford it.

Guardian Greaves

Guardian Greaves GuideGuardian Greaves is an extremely natural build-up for some heroes (Chen, Necro, etc.) since it combines two very useful team-oriented early game items. The main concern for this item is that the recipe is quite costly, and the only thing you receive for upgrading it (besides the slot efficiency and the removal of the mana cost) is the aura below 20%. This means that more often than not it is more logical to leave Greaves for the late game, when you actually need to free up a slot. Nonetheless, against teams that are heavy on physical damage, +15 armor and +15 HP regen to your whole team might be absolutely game breaking. In such situations it might actually be extremely valuable to invest in Guardian Greaves in the early-mid game.

Octarine Core

Octarine Core GuideDespite the huge hype about the spell life steal, Octerine Core seems to be a well-balanced luxury item – on certain heroes it provides very good value but is not powerful enough to make said heroes broken.

Moon Shard

Moon Shard GuideBesides the obvious 7th slot utility, Moon Shard offers one additional overlooked benefit – the 250 bonus night vision might actually be significant in some situations. If opponents don’t have hero with very good night vision (NS, Luna), then Shade Sight could give you the initiation advantage and win you a fight. A good example would be a Void with Moon Shard – if he sees his opponents before they see him, he will be able to surprise them with Chrono and potentially win the fight because of it.

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