The TI 5 Meta Vol. 2 | Group Stage Day 1

Posted on 29 Jul 2015

More than half of the games during the first day of the group stage were a 1-1 draw – this speaks loads about the level of Dota in this tournament. All teams are good enough to take games off each other. Even the underdogs are very close to the level of the top teams and can secure victories if they are able to outsmart them. As a result, the group standings are quite different from what most people expected. Team Secret is not undefeated, CoL is third in their group, CDEC is second, etc.

Tier 1 Heroes struggle on

The trend from the wildcard continues – only 3 out of the top 10 most picked heroes have a positive win rate and 2 of those 3 are the 9th and 10th place.

It might seem strange, but this stat actually speaks very well for the balance of the patch – the game rewards heavily creativity rather than simply sticking to the meta. Picking 5 of the most desired heroes doesn’t seem to guarantee and advantage whatsoever.


Gyrocopter GuideThe only real game winner appears to be Gyro. He has a whopping 77.3% win rate out of 22 games (quite a large sample for one day of Dota). Apparently Dendi’s predictions hold true. It seems Helicopterman’s early game strength combined with his hard carry potential are too much to handle. It is hard to challenge his farm and it is hard to fight against him once he has items. Out of these initial stats it seems Gyro is the only hero worth banning right away.


Bane GuideAnother surprising stat is Bane’s 75% win rate (although the sample of games is much smaller). Truly, Fiend’s Grip is proving a great tool to deal with snowballing cores. Latching to an aggressively positioned BS with his damage amplification on is very likely to result in his death even if he has good farm. The key to Bane’s success is probably the combination of the spell with the new item Glimmer Cape that makes interrupting the channeling ability in fights much harder.

Crystal Maiden

Crystal Maiden GuideThe same seems to be true for Crystal Maiden, another hero with a powerful channeling ultimate. With the right timing and a Glimmer Cape you can punish very hard the enemy team with Freezing Field. Even though she is rarely picked so far (5 games), her win rate is 100%. Since Glimmer Cape has proven to be one of the most impactful items in this current meta, it is not surprising to see a rise in popularity of heroes that heavily benefit from having it.

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