The TI 5 Meta Vol. 4 | Group Stage Recap, Looking Forward to the Play-offs

Posted on 03 Aug 2015

In the groups of TI5 two main play styles emerged as the most dominant and the teams that were able to perfect them have the best results so far.


Used successfully by: LGD, CDEC


1. Win laning stage through constant aggression

2. Search for fights, find pick-offs

3. Gather as 5

4. Take objectives and map control

The backbone of this strategy is constant aggression. You pick cores that are strong laners and at least one or two heroes that can rotate efficiently during the laning stage for ganks. This allows you to pressure the lanes and gain an early game resource advantage.

From this favorable position you try to find skirmishes. In your lineup you have good initiators and you use them to pick-off enemy heroes. After a successful gank you gather the whole team and push as 5 to claim objectives as early as possible – your lineup has to have plenty of heroes that are comfortable in mid game 5v5 fights.

Popular Heroes

Position 1 & 2:

Leshrac Guide Shadow Fiend Guide Gyrocopter Guide Storm Spirit Guide Dragon Knight Guide

Lane dominance; strong team fight and/or strong initiation;

Position 3:

Clockwerk Guide Tusk Guide Spirit Breaker Guide Undying Guide Darkseer Guide

Team fight and gank initiation; team fight presence;

Position 4 & 5:

Rubick Guide Witch Doctor Guide Bounty Hunter Guide Lina Guide Dazzle Guide

Early rotations and aggression, team fight presence;


Used successfully by: Secret


1. Farm efficiently during the laning stage; rather than actively searching for ganks – counter-gank

2. Constantly push out the lanes, flash farm different locations with different heroes (including supports)

3. Take defensive fights

4. Secure a big resource advantage

The sole purpose of this play style is to out-farm your opponents and win on the back of your resource advantage.

During the early game your supports use all the free time they have to find farm of their own rather than rotate and gank. Because of this your cores are usually self-sufficient laners that don’t need babysitting.

In the mid game you use the map efficiently with as many heroes as possible. At least one of your supports spends most of his time farming. Your aggression is calculated (e.g. you gank only with 2 heroes while the other 3 are farming) and used to create space for your farmers. You mostly take defensive fights to avoid wasting time and taking big risks. Pushing out the waves constantly gives away any offensive moves by the enemy team and allows your players to take a good defensive positions.

If you don’t crumble under the aggression of your opponents, you gain a big gold/XP advantage because of the more efficient usage of space on the map.

Popular Heroes

Position 1 & 2:

Queen of Pain Guide Shadow Fiend Guide Anti-Mage Guide Brood Mother Guide Lina Guide

Strong independent laners; flash farmers;

Position 3:

Clockwerk Guide Tusk Guide Earthshaker Guide Puck Guide

Initiators; space creators;

Position 4 & 5:

Dazzle Guide Naga Siren Guide Crystal Maiden Guide Enigma Guide Keeper of the Light Guide

Greedy farming supports; defensive supports with team fight presence; anti-pushers;

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