The TI 5 Meta Vol. 5 | Play-Offs Day 1

Posted on 04 Aug 2015

We expected that the play-offs will be a clash of the two styles discussed in Vol. 4 and that teams would stick to what they do best. Our anticipation was that the grand finals would be between the two teams that perfected those two play styles - seemingly Secret and LGD. Yet, during the first day in Key Arena teams displayed great versatility.

For example, in their first game against LGD Empire played an impressive offensive 5-man draft, while LGD won on the back of a not-so-typical for them late game oriented defensive lineup (PL + KotL). In game two the teams switched game plans – it was Empire who capitalized on a late game AM + Mag draft, which was unexpected and exciting to see. Perhaps the most successful teams would be the ones who show the best understanding of both play styles?


CDEC Dota 2The team that has been one of the biggest surprises in the group stages continues to cause upsets. CDEC not only won against C9, but they did it in an extremely convincing fashion. It was almost impossible to pin-point any major mistake CDEC made in both games. They drafted solidly and executed flawlessly, out-playing C9 in most team fights.

It begins to look like CDEC are not just an average team that plays better than expected but a trend-setter in this tournament. Their fight–oriented drafts and offensive play style certainly secures a lot of wins for them and some veterans might have to quickly learn from CDEC to avoid getting knocked out sooner than expected (it is already too late for some).

Last year everyone was looking up to EG and DK, yet it was VG and NB that figured out exactly how to win games in the current patch. It seems CDEC are walking in their footsteps.

In 6.84c the team has a 78.95% win rate with Bounty Hunter out of 19 games – much higher than the 58% average WR of the hero in the group stages when played by other teams. They also have a 77.78% WR with Witch Doctor from 18 games – the average WR of the hero in the group stages when played by others is slightly below 50%. The list goes on.

It certainly seems that CDEC understand something others don’t.

One probable reason for their success is the way they draft around each hero. For example, on theory BH support is a great hero for this meta. Teams fight often, inevitably exchange kills and the one team that has Track receives a huge boost in economy. This concept is true, but the downside of BH is that his impact in fights is actually quite low and with good vision he is an easy pick-off. To compensate for this CDEC always make sure their other 4 heroes are strong enough to get kills on their own and the BH rarely ventures far away from his allies. They almost always combine BH with loads of nuke damage (Lina, QoP, TA, Lion) to be able to quickly finish-off tracked enemies. Moreover, they always draft one hard carry and one semi carry to make good use of the track gold BH provides.

Learning from the way CDEC drafts could be even more invaluable for most teams than learning from Secret because CDEC’s success could be easier to replicate. The reason is that Secret has the individual skill and experience to make even strange drafts work and to win from a theoretical disadvantage. CDEC is a team of rookies, however, and if they are one of the biggest winners in the event so far, it is clear that they have figured something out.

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