What does Dota 2 NaVigation Beta mean?

It means that the guide’s content is not 100% complete yet. The first two sections: Core and Advanced are 100% completed, but the other two are not. Our goal is to cover all 104 heroes in Heroes section. The Competitive Section, on the other hand, will never be completed, because we will constantly add more analyses of high-level games and more strategies in the Strategies Database. There are also other cool features we want to release like dedicated mobile apps.

Will you keep this guide updated with the meta game and latest patches?

Yes, we will update the guides according to the latest patches and changes in the meta game. However, bear in mind that these changes cannot happen overnight. The reason is that all the content comes directly from Puppey and Dendi and this means that they need to get a solid grasp on the newest changes in order to provide high-quality guides. Also Daniil and Clement might not always agree on a given meta game trend.

What will the premium account offer?

The premium account is still under development, so we cannot reveal much at this point. However, we can say for sure that all full members will have the option to upgrade to premium at any time once we launch it.

Are you going to translate the guide? What languages?

Yes, we are currently working on a full Russian and Spanish versions. Please bear in mind that we have over 1000 pages worth of content to translate and it takes a while. We will keep you updates in our blog.

45 USD seems like a lot, what value do I get?

We agree that the price is rather high for the Dota 2 market, because there isn’t anything close to this guide for comparison. However, for your hard-earned money you get quite a lot of value. You get more than 1000 pages and over 300 videos worth of guides directly from two of the most successful Dota players in history; these numbers are constantly growing as we add more and more hero guides and analyses of competitive games. You will also get free access to 4 mobile apps – two for iOS and two for Android as soon as they are ready. You also get free updates for live – covering new patches, changes in the meta game and new heroes.

Will there be a cheaper option?

Yes, we will soon launch a “Basic” account, which will give access to all the guides in the Core, Advanced sections and 10 hero guides. All users with basic membership can upgrade to full any time they want at a discount.

Is there going to be a mobile version of the guide?

Personally we see the mobile version of a website as a “worse version” of a website. That’s why we opted to develop dedicated apps for those of you that want to learn Dota 2 on the go. And we are doing this the right way – with separate applications optimized for tablets and smartphones.