What Is Advanced Knowledge?

The second major part of Dota2Navigation is the Advanced Knowledge Section. This is where we start to dive deeper into the game and this is where even high level players will find new things to learn. Advanced Knowledge serves as a bridge between the basics of the game and very high level understanding and is in that sense the backbone of the guide book.

Here you can view the How To Play Solo Mid guide and see for yourself what a Dota 2 NaVigation advanced guide is.

How To Play Different Roles?

The section starts with the ways to play the different roles of Carry and Support, Solo Mid and Solo Offlane. Every role has its own subsection, with a couple of guides in each. For example, in How to play a Carry you can find Basics, Early Game and Laning as a Carry, which includes the philosophy behind the 1st position hero in addition to specific laning situations, like a defensive trilane. Mid and Late Game as a Carry, the second guide in the subsection, covers the late game decision-making with which a carry player is faced. The guides in the other subsections follow a similar logic.

Item Progression

Next comes the Item Progression subsection, covering Starting Item Builds first and continuing with the item progression decisions of different hero roles. It is an important place to develop your understanding of strategy behind items choices before you go into the specific item builds for different heroes.

Map Control And Vision

The third subsection is called Map Control and Vision. Inside you can find our detailed Warding Guide, which talks about where, when and how to place wards and what you aim to achieve by doing so. Winning map control is crucial, but you also need to understand how to use it, and this is why we have the Map Control and Hero Movement guides. These guides outline which parts of the map are important and why and also discuss how to predict the hero movements of your opponents based on what you see and what you don’t see.

Activities And Decision Making

The final subsection of Advanced Knowledge is called Activities and Decision Making. Rather than individual play, it covers more on team-centric activities like Pushing, Ganking or Turtling. The Tactics guide combines all these activities and explains what you should do as a team in different situations - what tactic you should employ and why. Developing this level of understanding will not only improve your individual play but allow you to become a leader of your team who can make the right calls in the right moment.