The third major section in Dota2Navigation is where you will find all our individual hero guides. If you want to learn how to play a hero, this is your place.

Each hero guide is very detailed and because of this it is divided in sections to make finding what interests you as easy as possible. It includes replays and short videos from pubs and competitive games where Na’Vi played the hero, illustrating in practice the theory which the guide contains.

Here you can view the real Enchantress guide and see for yourself what a Dota 2 NaVigation hero guide is.

General Description

On the starting page of the hero guide you will find the General Description, which will give you a good idea about the concept of the character. The Strengths and Weaknesses will develop your understanding of what you can exploit to win games and what you need to work around. By thinking about this you will get a basic idea if your play style will fit that of the hero.

Drafting The Hero

The first section of every hero guide is Drafting the Hero. It talks about synergies, counters and in what strategies and tactics the hero works best. This information is useful for more than just the drafting stage in CM games. You will also learn how a hero interacts with other heroes on your team or the enemy team which will help you make better in-game decisions. In addition, you can borrow cool strat ideas when you play with friends, which is always fun.

Skills, Mechanics And Builds

The second section is called Skills, Mechanics and Builds. The focus is on the individual skills of the hero, how each of them works and more importantly how and when each could be used. At the end of the section you will find example hero builds with evaluation of the strengths and shortcomings of each build.

Item Builds

The third section revolves around Item Builds. It not only presents example item builds but also gives a list of core and situational items for each hero. For every item we have included our thoughts of why and when it is a good idea to build the item in question.

Early Game, Laning Phase

In the Early Game, Laning Phase section you will find a detailed walkthrough of the laning phase. You will learn what you need to do in each viable laning scenario in order to win your lane. Here you will find the basic principles you need to follow with the hero, for example how to harass or take optimal levels of farm, as well as more specific examples that will help illustrate the way to think when playing.

Mid And Late Game

Finally, each hero guide ends with the Mid and Late Game section, showing how the hero functions after the laning stage - what your priorities are and how you need to act in different situations. In addition, you will learn how to be useful in team fights, how to gank or perform other different activities.