The final, most advanced major section in Dota2Navigation is the Team Play Section. This is where you will find the most useful info for high level players, as it covers largely competitive play. You will have a chance to put together your whole understanding about the game in complicated strategies and tactics to outsmart your opponent, which ultimately is the most satisfying thing about Dota.

Here you can view the Team Analysis for the game versus Fnatic for DreamLeague! What better place to learn how to play as a team of five?

Basics Of Coordinated Team Play

In the first sub-section, Basics of Coordinated Team Play, you will learn all about Drafting in CM. You will also read our thoughts on Leadership, Teamwork and Communication - three factors that on the highest level of play are often more important for securing a victory than clicking the buttons flawlessly.

Strategy Database

You will also find our Strategy Database sub-section here. It was specifically designed to allow you to quickly choose a strategy you can start playing with your team or friends. You can pick and choose strats based on what heroes you want to play or what play style you want to adopt.

Game Analyses: Drafts, Strategies, Execution

Finally, to put theory in practice, we created the section Game Analyses: Drafts, Strategies, Execution. Each of the guides there is built on the basis of a real competitive game that Na’Vi played. These guides start with an analysis of the draft of the two teams from Puppey’s perspective as the drafter for Na’Vi, followed by a recap of what the general idea and strategy of the final lineups is. We finish with analysis of what happened in the game and why, so that you can learn from the successes and mistakes of the guys from the team while they are playing the best opponents in the world.