Step One - Structure And Interviews

First, we start with the concept and structure. We do wide-ranging research and decide what would be the best way to present the topic. Afterwards we conduct thorough interviews with Puppey and Dendi. They share their knowledge and explain in detail their views on a topic. An interview about a hero guide, for example, could take up to 3 hours. We take into account everything they said and use it to create the content of each guide.

Step Two - Writing And Reviewing

The second step is writing the guide. We systemize the extensive information we get from the players and based on it we write each guide.

The initial version goes through an extensive feedback process involving two stages. First, the guide is reviewed within the Dota 2 Navigation team at least three times – a content check, a quality check and, finally, a language check. We correct misunderstandings and polish the way the information is presented. Our goal at this step is to make each guide easy to read, understand and follow no matter the experience a player has in Dota 2.

Following these improvements, Puppey and Dendi review the created guide and tell us what needs to get changed.

Finally, we rework replays of Na’Vi games to create videos that illustrate the key points in each guide.