What Does Dota 2 Navigation “Beta” Mean?

Beta means that the guide book is currently not in its final form. Over time, we will create and upload more guides until Dota 2 Navigation encompasses all possible topics in Dota. For example, currently we have only a handful of Hero Guides live, but there are a few dozen more in the late stages of development that will be ready to release quite soon.

The same applies for the media available with the guides. With time we will create more videos, screen shots, graphs and we will add additional replays that showcase well the theories we have laid out.

Guides: Completed & Under Development

Core and Advanced

The content for both Core and Advanced sections is 100% complete. Most of the media for the guides is also online. We are still working on additional videos and screenshots to illustrate key points in the guides.

Hero Guides

There are several hero guides that are completed. We also have guides in the late development stage that will be online very soon. Late development means that the content for the guides is completed but we are still working on the media.

Team Play

The content and the media for the Team Play section is 100% complete. We are going to add more strategies and game analyses in the future.

iOS and Android Apps

We are well aware that Dota 2 Navigation is not optimized for mobile devices, but there is a reason for that. We see "optimized" or "mobile versions of" websites as lesser copies of a cool website. We don't want that. We want to give you the best possible experience. This is the reason why we are creating 4 different Apps - two for iOS (iphone and ipad) and two for Android (smartphones and tablets). These apps and the website will allow you to access the guide in the best possible way regardless of the device your are using. That's the good news, the bad news is that these are Apps are still under development, but we are working hard to bring them online as soon as possible.

What Do I Get With A Purchase?

With a purchase you get an account that gives you unlimited access to all of the guides in the Dota 2 Navigation website and the still-in-development mobile apps – iOS and Android.

You will be able to buy a full account at a discount for as long as the beta is active - 45$ instead of 55$.

As the game gets new patches, the metagame will change, new heroes will come out, and the information in the guide will change along with the game itself. If you have an account, you get all these updates for free.

How Will Dota 2 Navigation Change?

Dota 2 Navigation is currently available only in English, but we are working on bringing it to you in other languages.

Moreover, we are currently developing two other types of accounts - a Premium and a Starter Account. The Starter will give you access to particular guides for smaller price. The Premium will allow you to be a part of a close community and will give you access to various bonuses.